Cambridge Park High School

“I thought the Waradah Aboriginal Centre was amazing. There were lots of interesting paintings, all with a different story about them. We were taught about Aboriginal culture and tribes and lots of different weapons. They even had real spears. We saw amazing dance performances and Aboriginal musicians played too. There was a possum skin and one of my friends thought it was so soft that he wanted to take it home. We got to take photos and also did a beautiful painting using Aboriginal signs. It helped me to learn more about my heritage and understand the culture that I am part of.”

Zach, Year 7.
Cambridge Park High School

“The Waradah Centre was a wonderful experience, with the staff being very professional and extremely organised. There were several different educational packages to suit different needs. The stage 4 students loved the art, music and dance activities, but their favourite part was when they were taught about their culture. The staff were engaging and patient, answering the students many questions. After the program at the Waradah Aboriginal Centre, we were able to walk only meters to see The Three Sisters lookout! We had a fantastic day and are already planning to take our stage 5 students next Term!”

Mrs Rathbone
Cambridge Park High School


Canobolas High School / Kelso High School

On 27 of March this year we brought 15 aboriginal students from Canobolas High School in Orange and Kelso High School in Bathurst to Waradah Aboriginal Centre. On behalf of myself, 5 other teachers and all students who attended I would like to pass on our sincere thanks.

It was a wonderful learning experience and we are already making plans for the next trip. The students, since being back at school, have talked about the visit with enthusiasm and interest.

The staff of Waradah made us feel very welcome, presented in a way to engage our students and provided an excellent learning experience. They could not do enough to make it a very successful and enjoyable day.

The two hour course was very reasonably priced, and easy to organize and book. The presentation was targeted to our audience and the centre is so flexible they even offered to come to our schools to help our students learn to play the didgeridoo.

I would highly recommend to any school group or individual to visit the centre.

Tim Bennett.


Korowal School

Year 6.

Thank you and the Waradah Centre for a fantastic morning. Please let Chris know that the children were thoroughly fascinated by his stories. We went to the lookout for morning tea to see if we could see the Sky Spirit’s footprints on Korrowal, and to look for the other sisters. The children were pointing out where the blows from the giant tree had gouged out the Jameson Valley, and a group has spontaneously started researching “seven sister” stories from other cultures (including European folk tales – do you know the story of the seven dancing princesses?).

Kind regards

 Yvonne Edgren

Korowal School