Corporate and off-Site Packages

Corporate and off-Site Packages


Corporate Packages

Package 1

The Didgeridoo Experience.
Traditional or contemporary solo didgeridoo performance. Senior Waradah Aboriginal performer in full traditional costume, performing traditional and contemporary didgeridoo sounds and rhythms.
Duration: upto 30 min

1 Performer

Package 2

Welcome To Country.
Traditional acknowledgment to country: Senior song man will perform a smoking ceremony along with a traditional acknowledgment to country speech accompanied by a didgeridoo player.
Duration: upto 40 min

2 performers

Package 3

The Corroboree.
Traditional aboriginal song and dance: Consisting of 5 to 6 performers. A song man, a didgeridoo player and 3 to 4 dancers will perform a traditional aboriginal dance and song entailing dreaming stories going back to the time of Creation.

6 performers

Package 4

Ultimate Dreamtime Spectacular.
An acknowledgment to county accompanied by a didgeridoo performance. A didgeridoo player will be available to welcome guest, followed by a concert-style dance which will include a song man, didgeridoo player, and five to six dancers performing traditional dance in full costume.

Corporate Team Building Program.

This package consists of –

  • Art workshop: Team members paint canvases under the guidance of an indigenous tutor. All completed works will remain the property of your company.
  • Dance workshop: Team members will view traditional styles of aboriginal dance and be encouraged also participate with the Aboriginal dancers.
  • Didgeridoo show: Our Aboriginal didgeridoo specialist will perform traditional and contemporary rhythms. Team members will be instructed on how to play the didgeridoo by one of Waradah didgeridoo specialists.
  • Story telling: Team members will learn about Dreamings through stories going back to the Time Of Creation. These are Ancestral stories, traditionally told at ceremonies. The stories will be told by a senior custodian of the Dreamings and hold part of sacred teachings dating back over 65,000 years.

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