School Holiday Program

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School Holiday Program

Children Naturally Love Art.

And why shouldn’t they. It’s fun. It’s social. And it promotes learning through play and creativity.

Over the years, researchers have identified a multitude of other benefits that art has on children’s development.

These include:

  • It provides an avenue for kids to express themselves freely.
  • Art encourages kids to think creatively, with an open mind;
  • It helps kids learn to observe and describe, analyse and interpret;
  • It allows an avenue for kids to express their feelings;
  • It promotes problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  • Introduces kids to cultures from around the world;
  • Art builds confidence – pride in their original artwork;
  • Art builds community.


At Waradah Aboriginal Centre, we understand the benefits art brings kids. Our Education programs are devised to encourage students’ artistic endeavours.  We also care deeply about the revitalization of Indigenous education, which is why our programs are created with the current NSW Educational Aboriginal Studies curriculum in mind, and geared at engaging students, and broadening their understanding of Australian Indigenous culture. (You can learn more about our Education Programs here.)

However, our commitment to creativity and Aboriginal culture does not stop with the school term. Our School Holiday Program allows kids of all ages to experience Indigenous culture in a fun and interactive way.

Included in the program:

  • All material (Boomerang, Paint, Paint Brushes)
  • Information sheet on Aboriginal symbols and their meaning
  • Explanation by one of our tutors on how to use the symbols to tell a story

Waradah is open 365 days a year 9am-5pm.

No bookings are necessary for the School Holiday Program. Just show up!

No visit would be complete without our Live Aboriginal Performance.

Times and booking details are found here.

Till next time.

Happy School Holidays!!!!

Bonnie Dastyari

Marketing, Gallery and Education Manager