Life-size Mannequins from Santa Teresa.

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Life-size Mannequins from Santa Teresa.

Keringke Arts in the remote Northern Territory community of Santa Teresa, produces a wide variety of art products, reflecting the colour, rhythm and ambience of the land that is home for the Eastern Arrernte artists. The artists are represented nationally and internationally in many collections, and the work is prized for its unique style and authentic connection to an ancient living culture.

The artists at Kerengke Arts use pattern, colour, shape and design to create artwork depicting country, culture and self.The shapes and designs in the art pieces commonly share features with ancient rock art and petroglyphs designs found throughout the traditional country of Eastern Arrernte. 

Waradah is in a unique position to commission three life-size mannequins for our centre. In the last few months, artists at Kerengke have been hard at work designing and detailing the life-size pieces. Each piece is unique in detail, and exquisitely painted.

Stay tuned for news of the mannequins arrival on our Facebook and Instagram pages.