Explore the Unique Features of Aboriginal Culture at Waradah.

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Explore the Unique Features of Aboriginal Culture at Waradah.

Australian Aborigines have a long tradition of storey telling. In the absence of a written language, important cultural and sacred knowledge is passed down by Elders through Dreaming stories, song, dance and art.

The Dreaming (or Dreamtime) incorporates the past, present and future. Each Aboriginal person is intricately connected to Country through their ancestral Dreamings and totems (sacred emblems chosen by ancestral beings which symbolise the group). Australian Aborigines learn the Dreaming Stories through travel, song, ritual and art.



We at Waradah Aboriginal Centre, have at the core of our code of ethics, a desire to honour and promote Aboriginal culture and to educate our visitors in as many aspects of Australian Aboriginality as possible.


Our multi-award winning 25 minute Live Performance is designed to entertain and educate audiences with rituals of Aboriginal culture that are thousands of years old. Our experienced group is handpicked from all over Australia by our senior dancer and elder, Peter Williams and are regularly sought after for performances for national and International events.


Performances happen regularly throughout the day. Dancers welcome guests into the theatre by painting ochre on their face or hand.

Once inside, audience members learn about different Aboriginal tribes; experience smoking ceremony; discover the dreamtime story behind the creation of the Didgeridoo; and witness Corroboree (song and dance) as performed by Aboriginal dancers in traditional paint and costume.


Projectors cast translations (ten languages) onto two walls, whilst another projects images complementing the stories and dances of the performers.

In addition to the live performances, there are many opportunities for visitors to further explore the rich and complex customs of the Aboriginal culture through Waradah’s Art Gallery, V.I.P and Corporate PackagesEducation Packages and unique souvenirs.

To learn further about our services and range of corporate, private, group or educational experiences, email our sales team via the contact page.

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Bonnie Dastyari – Marketing, Gallery and Education Manager