Auntie Sally Beale

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Auntie Sally Beale

Sally Beale is a descendant of the Angedool Ularoi Tribe, located on the New South Wales and Queensland border.

Sally has been making jewellery for many years, using materials sourced from traditional Aboriginal bush tucker such as echidna quills and emu feathers, as well as Quandong seeds which she combines to make her unique Australian jewellery. Sally, along with her daughter, Kerrie, and granddaughters, collect the material from the surrounding stations close to their home.


Auntie Sally’s Necklaces made from Quandong seeds at Waradah Aboriginal Centre’s Retail Shop


Auntie Sally incorporates Quandong seeds with gumnut seeds which she collects during the warmer months when the gumnuts dry out and drop their seeds onto the ground, leaving just their shells. These, combined with vintage 1970’s wooden beads from Germany are treated, painted and strung together to create her distinctive designs.

More recently, Auntie Sally has diverted her artistic attention to designs using Emu eggs.

“As a child, my mum used to take us emu egg collecting. She knew exactly when the emus laid their eggs by looking at the position of the Southern Cross in the Milky way.”

– Auntie Sally

The emu eggs are pierced at each end to draw out the yolk. She then shaves off three layers of the shell and sands it back to a smooth finish, ready to be painted on.

You’ll find Auntie Sally’s unique jewellery and Emu egg shells at Waradah Aboriginal Centre’s retail shop. Each design is uniquely designed, crafted, and painted by Aunt Sally.

For more information on Auntie Sally’s and or other hand crafted Aboriginal designs, contact Waradah on 02-4782 1979 or email us at


New to Waradah Aboriginal Centre: Auntie Sally with her Decorated Emu Eggs