Acknowledgement Of Country & Welcome to Country

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Protocols for welcoming visitors to country have been a part of Aboriginal culture for thousands of years.

Despite the absence of fences or visible borders, Aboriginal groups had clear boundaries separating their countries. Permission was needed by travellers when crossing into another group’s country – similar to obtaining a visa. When permission was granted, the hosting group would welcome the visitors, offering them safe passage.


Waradah Aboriginal Performer conducting an ‘Acknowledgement Of Country’ at the start of the Live show.


An acknowledgement of country is a protocol performed preceding an official meeting or formal activity. It acknowledges the Aboriginal people as the First Australians and the traditional owners of their land.  It demonstrates respect to Aboriginal elders past and present and promotes awareness of the Aboriginal people’s ongoing connection to the land.

Whilst acknowledgement can be preformed by indigenous or non-indigenous people, Welcome To Country can only be performed by the traditional owners, usually elders, welcoming people to their land.


Aboriginal tutor explaining the importance of Acknowledgement Of Country.


At Waradah Aboriginal Centre, all our proceedings begin with an Acknowledgement Of Country, where we pay respect to the traditional owners of The Blue Mountains, The Darug and Gandangara people.

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