Acclaimed Aboriginal artist, Greg Weatherby chooses Waradah as a stockist.

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Greg Weatherby with two of his artwork


Greg Weatherby’s father is a Yuin man from Maruya in NSW’s South Coast, and his mother was an English woman. Greg’s talents as an artist became apparent from an early age, whilst living in a boy’s home with his four brothers. At the time, the nun’s forced him to paint religious pictures. Upon leaving, Greg became interested in learning about his Aboriginal heritage. Travelling his father’s country, he attended ceremonies, learnt the ways of his ancestors, and collected dreamtime stories, which he transcribed into his paintings.
Today, Greg is a highly acclaimed artist with exhibitions in Europe and Australia. He considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to share his heritage through his art – using a combination of contemporary and traditional motifs to create elegant compositions.
Waradah Aboriginal Centre has been selected by Greg as a stockist for his unique artwork, including artboards, canvas and picture frames.