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… they were blown away with what you guys arranged for them today! They went to the Featherdale Wildlife Park after visiting with you, and everyone was asking what was on their face, so they were proudly telling them about their experience at Waradah.

I can’t thank you guys enough for going out of your way to make this a truly memorable experience. Thank you for making  wish come true and believing in the power of a Wish!

Lauren Read
Senior Wish Coordinator


Make-A-Wish® Australia
National Office


Commonwealth Bank

I would like to acknowledge the impactful contribution the Waradah Aboriginal Centre had on the launch of our newly designed senior leadership residential, recently held in The Blue Mountains.

The local elder, Uncle Pete, and the indigenous performers provided a sense of occasion at the start of the residential, through the sharing of aboriginal music, dance and local culture and the welcome to country address. In particular, the interaction that the group facilitated by inviting senior leaders to participate in the dances, provided awareness about the local people and our land and supported the connection to each other in an engaging and entertaining manner. In addition, the preparation discussions before the event were very supportive and Farid was very helpful through his suggestions and flexibility.

I would highly recommend engaging the Waradah Aboriginal Centre especially for corporate events, to contribute to building awareness of our indigenous culture across the community and to ensure an impactful welcome to country.

Liz Griffin
Executive Manager, Leadership Development


Dear Farid

I am writing to congratulate you on the opening of the Waradah Aboriginal Centre at Echo Point in Katoomba.

As a tour operator I have found the Centre an excellent place to bring my passengers to experience real Aboriginal culture.

On all occasions that we have visited the Centre everyone has left with high praise of the opportunities they were given to see some genuine Aboriginal art, dance and music and to learn about some aspects of the local Aboriginal history and culture. The staff, performers and presenters are, without exception, friendly and helpful and make a visit to the Centre an enjoying and enlightening experience.

The quality of the dance and didgeridoo performances is excellent and they are great to watch, but what really makes a visit to the centre so special is the chance to meet and talk with some members of the local Aboriginal community and gain an insight into their lives.

I heartily recommend the Waradah Aboriginal Centre to anyone visiting Katoomba.


Sally Bray, Director

PO Box 467, Glebe, 2037
(02) 9660 3245 or 0410 405 022
International +61 296603245 or +61 410405022

Finalist in the 2009 NSW Inland Tourism Awards New Tourism Development Category


I visited your centre a couple of weeks ago and was so impressed with what I saw, never seen anything like that before.

The show was so entertaining, informative and educational.  I hope you get the opportunity to expand and take this to other parts of Australia as I am sure it would be welcomed anywhere you perform.

I wish you and all your staff and any volunteers that are involved, all the best for the future.

Keep up the good work, it is truly amazing.

Kindest regards,
Arlene Gadd

P.S. Loved the entry ticket, have kept it as a reminder of the amount of pleasure I got from seeing your show.


Roza Sage

Dear Farid,

I am pleased to be able to write a letter of support for the Waradah Aboriginal Centre. I have

received many good reports of the Centre from the community and others associated with the

tourism industry in Sydney.

I have enjoyed my visits to your centre and have been impressed with the innovative nature of your

business. I have visited the Kuranda aboriginal experience in Cairns many years ago and can compare

your centre very favourably to the one there.

I particularly applaud your efforts to foster local aboriginal content with the Darug peoples presence.

I also applaud your valuable educational component with school visits to the centre.

I know that Waradah Centre has been a valuable asset to the tourism attractions of the Blue

Mountains and your highly visible profile at Echo Point has aided this.

I wish you every success in your future endeavours.


Discover the Blue Mountains

On behalf of myself, the team here at Discover the Blue Mountains and the very many people I am in contact

with both in business and in the general community in the Blue Mountains who have expressed similar sentiments

to our own, we congratulate Waradah Aboriginal Centre on it’s first six months of operation.

The contribution of Waradah to the tourism industry, to the strength and breadth of attractions and to the community

is very important. The contribution to Aboriginal employment, culture development and reinforcement

and education is also significant.

The quality and range of the art exhibited, the professionalism and charm of the performance aspect of

Waradah and the overall presentation of the Centre including the shop, sets a much needed high standard in

the Mountains. Involved as we are with the promotion of this amazing region, we consider Waradah a vital

and enriching addition to our tourism infrastructure. It adds an important dimension to the offerings of this


Please pass on the appreciation of so much of our community to all your team not only for their wonderful efforts

but also what they are showing and teaching us. We all hope Waradah continues to grow and thrive.

All the best.



I would be delighted to offer our support to the Waradah Centre as it is a unique tourism attraction

that has added an enormous amount of value to the existing tourism infrastructure in the region.

Your Tourism Business not only highlights our amazing aboriginal history and culture it is a major

employer of aboriginal people. I believe as your business grows this region will be blessed with an

Aboriginal Cultural Centre that will be in my opinion the best in Australia and recognised


The concepts and diversity you offer to the guests has proven successful with many of the major

operators now looking at Waradah as another part of their domestic and international guests

experiences whilst in the Blue Mountains, adding to the vision of increasing visitor nights in regional

NSW as the more attractions in this region will force many operators to look at including

accommodation as their itineraries increase with attractions from this region.

Farid, I applaud your vision and commitment to this amazing tourism Business and will assist in any

way possible to ensuring your long term success.


Scenic World

22nd June 2012

To whom it may concern,

We would like to voice our support for the Waradah Aboriginal Centre at Echo Point.

As another private business operating in tourism in the Blue Mountains we have welcomed Waradah and believe they are having a positive impact on tourism in the Blue Mountains. They are focusing on attracting key market segments (inbound groups, school groups, international FIT’s) which will enhance and prolong the day trip and overnight market to the Blue Mountains. This is in line with the Regional Tourism Strategy to increase overnight stays.

The Blue Mountains desperately needs new attractions to keep tourists here longer and we need to continually develop and reinvigorate products for our markets. The product that has been created at Waradah achieves this; it is a great addition and is complimentary to the other attractions in the mountains.

Waradah have shown a keen interest and been proactive in partnering with businesses in the mountains to put together products that attract some of those market segments. We are working with them to put together a product for School groups which we believe will be very popular.

We would like to see the community and local government supporting Waradah as we do, to allow them to grow, and to continue to evolve and enhance their product. The whole Blue Mountains tourism sector will then reap the rewards of more visitors to the region and an improved reputation of having world class products and attractions in our area.


Campbell Page

Campbell Page has been involved with Waradah Aboriginal Centre since they established themselves in 2011 in Katoomba.

As an organisation we have found their behaviour both professional and ethical. Working together with Waradah, Campbell Page has been able to place many Indigenous and others into work in roles as diverse as performing dance artists and Admin Assistants. Waradah’s presence in Katoomba has lifted the profile of both Indigenous Arts in the Blue Mountains and the Tourist Centre at Echo Point.

We will continue to work with Farid and his team to assist the unemployed people, both Indigenous and others living here in this World Heritage Area.

It is vital for Katoomba that these citizens have the opportunity to express and develop their talents in the excellent venue Waradah has at great cost established. We support them without reservation and encourage the BMCC to do likewise.