Farid Nayer

Farid began his career in 1986 at his father’s souvenir shop in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. Over the years his interest in Australian Aboriginal culture has grown with passion and hard work. The turning point of his career happened on a trip to Cairns, where he opened an Aboriginal concept store. Cairns exposed Farid to a much larger Aboriginal population where his ties and interest in the culture continued to strengthen. After returning from Cairns, Farid spent some time opening and developing a number of different businesses; each with a specific focus on Aboriginal culture. At these opportunities, he worked to refine the concept and make each business stronger and more professional.

The Waradah Aboriginal Centre is the ultimate experience in Aboriginal culture. Farid is very proud to present this unique experience to all international and local visitors, schools, and businesses; where people are invited to come and share Australian Aboriginal culture in a wonderful setting.