Corporate and off-Site Packages


Corporate Packages

Package 1

The Didgeridoo Experience.
Traditional and contemporary master solo didgeridoo performance. One master performer in full traditional costume, performing traditional and cotemporary didgeridoo sounds and rhythms.
Duration: upto 30 min

1 Performer

Package 2

Welcome To Country.
Traditional welcome to country preformed by local elder and a didgeridoo player/smoking ceremony. A local elder will perform a smoking ceremony and will also give a traditional welcome to country speech accompanied by a didgeridoo player.
Duration: upto 40 min
2 performers

Package 3

The Corroboree.
Traditional aboriginal song and dance. Consisting of 5 to 6 performers. A song man, a didgeridoo player and 3 to 4 dancers performing traditional aboriginal dance and song which tell stories. A mesmerizing indigenous performance that will totally captivate your guests!
Duration: upto 40 min
6 performers

Package 4

Ultimate Dreamtime Spectacular.
A welcome to county speech followed by a smoking ceremony preformed by an elder accompanied by a didgeridoo player. A didgeridoo player will be available to welcome guest to your Event. A concert style dance show will follow with a song man, didgeridoo player, and five to six dancers performing traditional dance in full
costume. Audience participation and photo opportunity available. This is truly the ultimate dreamtime experience for your guests, leaving lasting memories of your Event.

Corporate Team Building Program.

This package consists of –

  • Art work shop (All team members to paint various canvases with the guidance of our indigenous artist. All completed art works will remain the property of your company.)
  • Dance work shop (Team members will view traditional styles of aboriginal dance and be encouraged also participate with the Aboriginal dancers.)
  • Didgeridoo show (Our Aboriginal didgeridoo specialist will perform traditional and contemporary rhythms. Team members will then be instructed on how to play the didgeridoo and then be encouraged to participate with our didgeridoo Specialist. Lots of laughs and lots of fun).
  • Story telling (Enthralling Dreamtime stories from the past will be told.) An incredibly entertaining and hands on experience for all team members. The show is designed to build and enhance team work, coordination and good will between team members in a unique way.

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