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What is a Coolamon?

Coolamon is a bowl (a curved wooden tray) which has been used by many Aboriginal tribes especially the women as a gathering tool. Coolemon is primarily used as a dish to hold food, in the case of deep Coolamon, it can also be used as water carrier or even a rocker for putting babies to sleep.   Coolamon can be an oval cut-out of bark of some trees or a chunk of trunk or root of some trees that is scooped out by Aboriginal men or women. Box tree, Gidgee tree (some Acacia species), red gum tree etc. are often amongst the timbers used in coolamons. Waradah’s gallery sources authentic...

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The Education Room Gets a Facelift

Over the past few weeks, Waradah Aboriginal Centre has undertaken refurbishments to it’s Education Room, to the value of $10,000. These include: Five 42 inch screens featuring videos of Kevin Rudd’s apology, interviews with Elders and Indigenous artists painting on canvas. Audio visual guides replacing plaques explaining the various Aboriginal tools and weapons. The Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Island flags added to the garden wall. Additional Garden Wall and aged wood framing around information posters. The changes are designed to make the room both visually more appealing and...

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