Handmade Gutyal (Coolemon) by Peter Williams

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Handmade Gutyal (Coolemon) by Peter Williams

Handmade Gutyal by Peter Williams (Uncle Pete)



About the Gutyal:

The handmade wooden dish is used by women to collect water, bush food and as a cradle for babies. Peter has used fallen timber, cut down by big winds during a storm in the Blue Mountains. The patterns, burnt onto the surface with a hot wire represent the rough and smooth rocks found in Peter’s tribal land.



About Peter Williams:

Peter is the senior dancer at Waradah Aboriginal Centre. He is from Ngiyampaa country, North West NSW. His clan is Gurul Giyalu Rock People, and their language, Wongaipuwan.

Gutyal means ‘Wooden Dish’ in Wongaipuwan

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Bonnie Dastyari