Feature Artist: Stan Brumby

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Stan Brumby


Stan Brumby was born and grew up in Halls Creek during the 1930’s. He then worked as a stockman for most of his life on many of the main stations across the Kinberly and northern Territory – Legune, Newry, Rosewood, Argyle, Auvergne, Bradshaw and Victoria River Downs.


Stan was a highly respected Jaru Elder and known teacher of his language and culture. He began sharing his cultural knowledge through art during the 1990’s. From his grandfather he inherited custodial ownership of the Wolf creek Crater area south of Halls Creek. This area features prominently in many of his artworks. His paintings map Country and place in a strong, raw and emblematic style. Embedded in his image is a profound knowledge of his Country and cultural practice along with stories invigorated with a strong sense of humor.

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Stan Brumby – Gallmalla

Stan travelled throughout Australia and overseas accompanying exhibitions of his work and sharing the stories of his life although he preferred to stay in his own Country explaining, “Best to stay here with all this land, all this tucker, no need for a lot of money here”.


“I drove cattle from the Kimberly. Then from Wave Hill droving to Longreach. Two months on the road slowly, slowly. Feed ‘em, water ‘em, watch ‘em. In the night no sleep. We never lost any cattle. That was a stockman’s  priority. I never left a calf behind, the mother walked I carried the little calf in the saddle … When the helicopters came onto the stations I didn’t like it. Because the mother ends up in the yard and the calf gets left behind.”

Stan passed away in 2013.